Most individuals experience moments of dramatic change at some point in their life. Often times that experience is tied to a specific location and time. Liminal periods are defined as moments of transition from one phase into another and are usually associated with coming of age ceremonies and other rites of passage.

For this series I asked each subject to take me to a location that had life-changing significance for them. Whether the experience had a positive or negative impact, it was in these liminal spaces that their portraits were made. Each portrait was then printed and left, in the same location it was taken, to deteriorate. After a period of time the prints were retrieved and then photographed in their native environment. The location has left its mark on the image much in the same way the location has impacted each subject. Memories, like the faded and tattered prints, fade and transform as time passes. The prints act as a representation for the intangible memory and association that each person has for the location they have chosen. The title of each image indicates the event that ties each person to his or her location.

Memory: Fire Alley Wilderness Behind the House


Memory: High School Boyfriend's Lake House


Memory: Wilderness Weekday Excursion


Memory: Push and Pull


Memory: A Mother and Her Children's Playground Sanctuary


Memory: A Marriage Proposal


Memory: Sneaking into Green Cove Springs Theatre


Memory: Her Mother's Last House


Memory: Stargazing Under the Powerlines